choreography/directing film/new media

Stacy Dawson Stearns creates theater, dance, and new media. 

Recent projects:

  • Release of her film, That Was Very Unfriendly of Me within the HOW ARE WE project
  • Ann Carson’s Antigonick with Big Dance Theater, directed by Annie-B Parson (Nov 2018, Jan 2020) 
  • choreography for the world premiere of Qui Nguyen’s Revenge Song, a Vampire Cowboys Creation at the Geffen Playhouse (Feb-March 2020)

Stacy currently teaches TALKING OUT LOUD SAYING WORDS in Cyberspace for Pieter Performance Space. 

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Forever Home (a film play) September 2020

The Plague Archives: Stacy discusses dancing manias of the Middle Ages and the political impact of the untrained, unrestricted body in public spaces with artist Maya Gurantz's podcast (release TBD- stay tuned)


In Antigonick by Big Dance Theater
photo: Maria Baranova
Stacy as Frau Klunch performing with
The Silver Palm Trio
In Nematon by Grand Lady Dance House
photo: Kestrel Leah